Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Newest Toy!

For months, I have been wanting a new trimmer. I have the purple Fiskars Euro and it's okay but the blades go dull on it so fast. I also have "ole gray" but he doesn't cut straight anymore.

Anyhoo, I have been doing some research online and pretty much decided to go with the Making Memories trimmer shown here. Then I was working at the scrapbook store the other day(Scrapbook Castle in Alton--see link at right) and a friend that I haven't seen for years came in and she had one. I tried it and I was hooked. Thanks Ashley for ordering it for me. It's awesome!

I know it is upside down in the picture but I am right-handed and that's how I use it. The best part (besides it cutting super straight and tiny little slivers perfectly) is that I don't ever have to buy a new blade for it. It's self-sharpening. Yay! And I love the sleek black and silver design so much that I won't mind if it's sitting out on my dining room/scrap table.

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lisajtmo said...

I just bought one and love it, too! Finally a trimmer that cuts accurately and I also love the self sharpening blade. I like how sturdy this cutter feels. The Fiskars ones are usually OK when you first buy them, but they dont' cut straight after a while.

Enjoy your new toy!