Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrap Stuff Stolen

I was recently staying in O'Fallon, Illinois, with a group of digital scrapbookers at the Settle Inn. My car was broken into and my two main bags of scrapbook supplies were stolen. Apparently there is a skeet shooting tournament this weekend with lots of out-of-towners, and there are thieves breaking into cars at hotels trying to steal guns. They are stealing any kind of luggage that looks like it may contain guns.

The funny thing is (in our situation) joke is on them because, of the three cars they broke into, they got clothes, a camera (which is still bad but replaceable--they had just unloaded their pics on the computer so no pics were lost), and scrapbook supplies. I did feel really bad for the lady whose children's clothes were stolen. What a shame!

Fortunately, I'm becoming more of a digiscrapper so my heart wasn't too awfully broken. But I am still a stamper. They did not steal my tool turnabout with all my most loved tools in it. I have good insurance so I can replace what was stolen. They did not get any pictures or albums or my camera or my computer.

Mostly what was stolen is: my coluzzle templates and idea book, my colorblocking templates and idea book, all my brads in a cute little container, purple paper trimmer, palette inks, acrylic blocks, sponge daubers, all my zig writers, stamp cleaner and pad, all my stickles, ribbon, flowers, Dymo label maker, and much more. It was a hodge podge of items collected over the years, but like I said, it's all replaceable.

I did get some stamping stuff stolen and since I do still make cards, I will be replacing all of it. I do have a $500 deductible but considering I will get all new stuff, I think it's worth it. :)

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